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    The business portfolio of STEC on water treatment includes design and insulation of urban water supply and drainage system, construction of sewage treatment plants, design and construction of urban water pipeline, river regulation, design of waterfront landscape, urban pipeline upgrading under the condition of trenchless and non-plugging.

    With the best urban water supply and drainage design and pipeline construction abilities, STEC built the Suzhou Creek drainage project, and the drainage system for the Shanghai World Expo Park. In addition, it built the rainwater treatment plan for the Shanghai rainfall flood management system, and the construction, operation and maintenance of the Shanghai water supply pipeline. STEC’s efforts in Shanghai, is not only providing a greener, more scientific and efficient drainage engineering design, construction and maintenance, but also designing urban water treatment for other cities. 

    Major Projects

    Shanghai Qingcaosha Reservoir Raw Water Project

    Shanghai Qingcaosha Reservoir Raw Water ProjectRaw water project of Shanghai City

    Business Section:Water Treatment
    Project Completion Date:10, 2010
    Participating Mode:Design + Build
    Project’s Scale:Water Supply Reaching 719 Cubic Meters Per Day